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등록 이동통신 시스템에서 이동 단말의 핸드오버 방법, 이를 위한 기지국 및 이동 단말

이동통신 시스템에서 이동 단말의 핸드오버 방법, 이를 위한 기지국 및 이동 단말
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차재선, 윤철식
12304733 (2007.06.28)
20090196254 (2009.08.06)
8630257 (2014.01.14)
The present invention relates to a handover method of a mobile station in a wireless communication system, and a base station and a mobile station for the same. A list of neighboring base stations that can accept a handover of a mobile station is shared by the mobile station and a serving base station before the mobile station performs the handover so as to reduce handover delay time in a high speed environment through addition, the active base station set managed by the mobile station and the serving base station can be managed with consideration of radio signal quality and resource state of each of the neighboring base stations included in the active base station set, and thus when the mobile station attempts a network re-entry process to a target base station that is not ready for the handover of the mobile station due to a loss of a handover control message, a handover failure due to a lack of radio resources can be prevented, thereby increasing a handover success rate.