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등록 4개의 송신 안테나가 있는 이동통신 시스템에서 공간 시간 부호의 검출 방법

4개의 송신 안테나가 있는 이동통신 시스템에서 공간 시간 부호의 검출 방법
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방영조, 김일민, 김대호, 유창완, 방승재, 박윤옥, 안지환
11930013 (2007.10.30)
20080137781 (2008.06.12)
7899138 (2011.03.01)
The present invention relates to a method of detecting a space-time code in a mobile communication system. When detecting a space-time code B for a plurality of transmitting antennas, an ML (maximum likelihood) metric, which is generally calculated by using a specific structure of a matrix B, is defined as a new ML metric by reducing a variable of the ML metric. Two dependent sphere decoding processes are performed and an intersection of the decoding results is calculated, and a signal is detected from the ML metric. Therefore, since detection of the space-time code B for the plurality of transmitting antennas is performed by using the newly defined ML metric, an amount of matrix calculated can be reduced, and a calculation amount can be reduced by performing the two dependent sphere decoding processes. Further, since a detection order of symbols is changed according to a channel situation, it is possible to improve the performance of the system.