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등록 무선 이동 네트워크에서 단말기의 IPv6 주소 설정 방법 및 그 장치

무선 이동 네트워크에서 단말기의 IPv6 주소 설정 방법 및 그 장치
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전선미, 이남석, 김경수
11873152 (2007.10.16)
20080095154 (2008.04.24)
8005080 (2011.08.23)
An IPv6 address configuration method for a terminal in a wireless mobile network and an apparatus therefor are provided. In the wireless mobile network, an Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) address configuration apparatus is provided to a router (access control router; ACR) or a base station (radio access station; RAS). In the address configuration apparatus, a MAC access procedure is performed to extract information required for IPv6 address allocation procedure, and the address is configured by using available fields of a message. In addition, a duplicate address detector (DAD) in which the terminal directly takes part is omitted by using information on the router (ACR) or the base station (RAS). In addition, during the IPv6 address configuration procedure, in order to prevent messages of IPv6 from being transmitted in a wireless region, an agent for address configuration is provided to the terminal. The router (ACR) acquires information required for the address configuration by using a portion of fields of MAC management messages. Accordingly, in the wireless mobile network, it is possible to reduce a time taken for an initial access procedure in which an IPv6 address is allocated to the terminal and to reduce consumption of wireless resource.
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Address allocation, Address configuration, Control Router, IPv6 address, IPv6 address allocation, Initial access, Internet Protocol Version 6, Internet protocol(IP), Mobile networks, Using information, Wireless mobile, Wireless mobile network, access control, access procedure, base station(BS), radio access