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등록 가변 고속 푸리에 변환 장치 및 그 방법

가변 고속 푸리에 변환 장치 및 그 방법
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문영진, 김현재, 김기석, 김영일
12517781 (2007.06.18)
20100011046 (2010.01.14)
8510362 (2013.08.13)
The present invention relates to an apparatus and method for variable fast Fourier transform. According to an embodiment of the present invention, two n-point fast Fourier transform (FFT) processors are used to generate two n-point FFT output data or one 2n-point FFT output data. The one 2n-point input data is alternately input to the two n-point FFT processors. Each of the two n-point FFT processors selects a twiddle factor for the n-point input data or the 2n-point input data and performs fast Fourier transform. A butterfly operation is performed on signals obtained by performing fast Fourier transform on the 2n-point input data signal, and the processed signals are aligned in an output order. According to this structure, it is possible to realize a fast Fourier transform hardware engine that selectively performs multi-frequency allocation in a base station system that supports the multi-frequency allocation.
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Butterfly operation, Fast Fourier, Fast Fourier transform, Fast fourier transform (fft), Hardware Engine, Multi-Frequency, Station system, Twiddle Factor, base station(BS), fourier transform, frequency allocation, input data