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Registered High sensitivity MEMS capacitive accelerometer using stopper system

간극제한장치를 이용한 초소형 고감도 정전용량형 가속도계
이미지 확대
Chang Han Je, Lee Myung Lae, Jung Sung-Hae, Hwang Gunn, Chang Auck Choi
Application No.
12517068 (2007.12.05)
Publication No.
20100050771 (2010.03.04)
Registration No.
8113054 (2012.02.14)
Project Code
06MB3500, Development of CMOS basedMEMS processed multi-functional sensor for ubiquitous environment, Chang Auck Choi
A conventional capacitive accelerometer has a limitation in reducing a distance between a sensing electrode and a reference electrode, and requires a complex process and a separate method of correcting a clearance difference caused by a process error. However, the capacitive accelerometer of the present invention has high sensitivity, can be simply manufactured by maintaining a very narrow distance between a reference electrode and a sensing electrode, and can make it unnecessary to individually correct each manufactured accelerometer by removing or drastically reducing a functional difference due to a process error.
KSP Keywords
Capacitive accelerometer, High Sensitivity, Process error, Sensing electrodes, Stopper system, complex process, reference electrode