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등록 기지국의 상태 함수 행렬 생성 방법 및 이를 이용한 호 연결 제어 방법

기지국의 상태 함수 행렬 생성 방법 및 이를 이용한 호 연결 제어 방법
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11861972 (2007.09.26)
20080133778 (2008.06.05)
8605888 (2013.12.10)
The present invention relates to a call connection control method used by defining a state function matrix when a base station controls call connection of a terminal, and a method for generating the state function matrix. In a call connection process, a call state varies and an access point control subsystem receives messages from a terminal and an access point traffic subsystem. The access point control subsystem calls a state function corresponding to the received message and a current call state among a plurality of state functions that are respectively mapped to a plurality of elements of the state function matrix when receiving the message, and operates the state function. The state function matrix may include a plurality of call states as one index among row and column indexes, and a plurality of messages as the other index.
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Access point, State function, base station(BS), control method