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등록 유연 스프링 형 진동판을 갖는 초소형 콘덴서 마이크로폰의 구조 및 제작 공정

유연 스프링 형 진동판을 갖는 초소형 콘덴서 마이크로폰의 구조 및 제작 공정
이미지 확대
김혜진, 이성규, 박강호, 김종대
13791039 (2013.03.08)
20130244365 (2013.09.19)
8605920 (2013.12.10)
06MB3100, 유비쿼터스 단말용 부품 모듈, 김종대
A condenser microphone having a flexure hinge diaphragm and a method of manufacturing the same are provided. The method includes the steps of: forming a lower silicon layer and a first insulating layer; forming an upper silicon layer on the first insulating layer; forming sound holes by patterning the upper silicon layer; forming a second insulating layer and a conductive layer on the upper silicon layer; forming a passivation layer on the conductive layer; forming a sacrificial layer on the passivation layer; depositing a diaphragm on the sacrificial layer, and forming air holes passing through the diaphragm; forming electrode pads on the passivation layer and a region of the diaphragm; and etching the layers to form an air gap between the diaphragm and the upper silicon layer. Consequently, a manufacturing process may improve the sensitivity and reduce the size of the condenser microphone.
KSP 제안 키워드
Air holes, Air-gap, Condenser microphone, Conductive layer, Manufacturing processes, Sacrificial layer, Silicon layer, flexure hinge, insulating layer, passivation layer