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등록 대상장기의 지방량 측정을 위한 초음파 장비용 팬텀

대상장기의 지방량 측정을 위한 초음파 장비용 팬텀
이미지 확대
정지욱, 이수열, 이정원, 김승환, 유돈식
11877883 (2007.10.24)
20080139933 (2008.06.12)
7952959 (2011.05.31)
06MH1700, 생체정보 처리기반 웨어러블 시스템 기술 개발, 이전우
Provided are a phantom for standardizing ultrasonograph and a method of obtaining an ultrasonographic image using the phantom, and more particularly, a phantom for measuring fat content in a target organ as a gray level distribution using an ultrasonographic image and assessing the accuracy of ultrasonograph and a method and apparatus for obtaining a standardized ultrasonographic image using the phantom. Since the photographing characteristics of the ultrasonograph are readjusted using a phantom which comprises a phantom part including a strong ultrasonic echo material and a weak ultrasonic echo material, which create a gray level distribution in ultrasonography, in a specific composition and ratio, and assesses the accuracy of the ultrasonograph by comparing the composition and ratio of the materials with a composition and ratio of a gray level in an ultrasonographic image, the characteristics of the ultrasonograph can be standardized and fat content in a body part can be quantitatively measured without being affected by photographing techniques and conditions.
KSP 제안 키워드
Fat content, Gray level, Target organ, Ultrasonic echo