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등록 IPv4 네트워크 기반 IPv6 서비스 제공 시스템에서의 제어 터널 및 다이렉트 터널 설정 방법

IPv4 네트워크 기반 IPv6 서비스 제공 시스템에서의 제어 터널 및 다이렉트 터널 설정 방법
이미지 확대
김선철, 홍성백, 이상화, 전경표, 이경호
12517550 (2007.11.30)
20100008260 (2010.01.14)
8457014 (2013.06.04)
Provided is a method for configuring a control tunnel and a direct tunnel in an IPv4 network-based IPv6 service providing system. To provide IPv6 service, when a random request terminal receives a tunnel response message from a control server by using service information downloaded from a portal server at the time of initialization, the request terminal configures a control tunnel with the control server, and is registered to the control server. The request terminal transmits and receives a direct tunnel request message and a direct tunnel response message with a counterpart terminal by using its terminal information learned during the control tunnel configuration, i.e., network position information and status information, thereby configuring a direct tunnel. Thus, IPv6 communication is made through IPv4 based IPv6 tunneling, so that IPv6 application services that are not yet widely used can easily come into wide use. Also, only software change of each terminal and a control server is required without changing existing network equipment, so that a cost burden of a service provider can be minimized.