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등록 밀리미터파 대역 제어회로용 고격리도 스위치 소자

밀리미터파 대역 제어회로용 고격리도 스위치 소자
이미지 확대
문재경, 김동영, 김해천, 유현규, 안호균, 임종원
11928410 (2007.10.30)
20080129427 (2008.06.05)
7671697 (2010.03.02)
06MB3800, 밀리미터파 수동 이미지 감지용 부품 시스템, 이경호
Provided is a high-isolation switching device for a millimeter-wave band control circuit. By optimizing a cell structure to improve the isolation of an off-state without deteriorating the insertion loss of an on-state, it is possible to implement a high-isolation switching device useful in the design and manufacture of a millimeter-wave band control circuit such as a phase shifter or digital attenuator using switching characteristics. In addition, when a switch microwave monolithic integrated circuit (MMIC) is designed to use the switching device, it is not necessary to use a multi-stage shunt field effect transistor (FET) to improve isolation, nor to dispose an additional �/4 transformer transmission line, inductor or capacitor near the switching device. Thus, chip size can be reduced, degree of integration can be enhanced, and manufacturing yield can be increased. Consequently, it is possible to reduce manufacturing cost
KSP 제안 키워드
Cell structure, Control Circuit, Design and manufacture, Field-effect transistors(FETs), Integrated circuit, Manufacturing yield, Millimeter-wave band, Monolithic integrated, Multi-stage, Off-State, Phase Shifter, Switching device, Transmission line, degree of integration, digital attenuator, field effect, high isolation, insertion loss, manufacturing cost, millimeter wave(mmWave), monolithic integrated circuit, switching characteristics