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등록 시청자 참여를 위한 양방향성 IPTV 방송 서비스 방법 및 그 시스템

시청자 참여를 위한 양방향성 IPTV 방송 서비스 방법 및 그 시스템
이미지 확대
오승훈, 박일균, 문병권, 김봉태, 송호영
12678623 (2008.03.31)
20100218230 (2010.08.26)
8336076 (2012.12.18)
07ZT1100, 광가입자망(FTTH)서비스 개발 실험사업, 김봉태
There is provided a interactive IPTV broadcasting service system of user participation, the system including: a broadcast controller reserving time of IPTV broadcast channels to perform an IPTV broadcast according to the reserved time, notifying user participation to accept the user participation during the broadcasting service, and controlling so that video of the user making a request for participation in broadcasting is included in video of the broadcast in progress, and then broadcast, a plurality of clients each notifying the broadcast controller of the request of the corresponding user when the participation in broadcasting is requested according to a selection of the IPTV broadcasting user and generating video and audio traffic of the corresponding user, and a media server relaying the users' participation in broadcasting between the broadcast controller and the clients, and receiving and mixing video and audio traffic of a broadcaster and the video and audio traffic of each of the users making the requests for the participation in broadcasting. Accordingly, the broadcaster can synthesize videos of users into broadcast contents.
KSP 제안 키워드
Broadcast Channel, Service System, Users' participation, media server, user participation