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등록 공간 분할 다중 접속을 위한 기지국과 중계기의 연결 방법과 이에 따른 중계방법

공간 분할 다중 접속을 위한 기지국과 중계기의 연결 방법과 이에 따른 중계방법
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송영석, 권동승
12670539 (2008.07.11)
20100208776 (2010.08.19)
8553747 (2013.10.08)
The present invention relates to a method for connecting a base station and a repeater for a spatial division multiple access, and a repeating method thereof. In order to provide efficient spatial division by using a repeater, data streams are repeated by using a repeating system including at least one repeater for performing wireless communication with a terminal located in a repeating region controlled by using at least one repeating antenna and a base station including a plurality of base station antennas corresponding to the repeating antenna. In this instance, the terminal detects location information on the repeating region to which the terminal belongs by using the pilot signal transmitted by the base station or repeated by the repeater. Location information detected by the terminal is fed back to the base station so that the base station may use it for the spatial division multiple access for simultaneous transmission to many terminals. Therefore, the spatial division multiple access for increasing sector capacity by efficiently combining the base station including multiple antennas and the repeater is available.
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Data stream, Location information(GPS), Pilot signal, Simultaneous transmission, base station(BS), base station antenna, multiple access, multiple antennas, spatial division, wireless communication
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