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등록 적응형 학습에 기반한 얼굴 인식 시스템 및 방법

적응형 학습에 기반한 얼굴 인식 시스템 및 방법
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김도형, 윤우한
12115250 (2008.05.05)
20080273766 (2008.11.06)
8135220 (2012.03.13)
A face recognition system based on adaptive learning includes a specific person detection and tracking unit for detecting and tracking a specific person from a moving image. A facial feature extraction unit extracts a plurality of facial feature vectors from the detected and tracked specific person. A face recognition unit searches for a given registration model by comparing the extracted facial feature vectors with facial feature vectors of the registration models previously stored in a user registration model database. A learning target selection unit selects a facial feature vector to be added to a record of the given registration model from among the extracted facial feature vectors. A registration model learning unit adds and updates the selected facial feature vector to the record of the given registration model.
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Adaptive learning, Detection and tracking, Extraction unit, Face Recognition system, Feature Vector, Feature extractioN, Model database, Model learning, Person detection, Recognition System, Target selection, face recognition, facial feature extraction, facial features, learning unit, moving image, person detection and tracking
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