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조명 마스크를 이용하는 사용자 얼굴 검증 시스템 및 방법
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윤우한, 이재연, 지수영
12115905 (2008.05.06)
20080279426 (2008.11.13)
8116538 (2012.02.14)
A system and method for verifying the face of a user using a light mask are provided. The system includes a facial feature extraction unit for extracting a facial feature vector from a facial image received from a camera. A non-user Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM) configuration unit generates a non-user GMM from a facial image stored in a non-user database (DB). A user GMM configuration unit generates a user GMM by applying light masks to a facial image stored in a user DB. A log-likelihood value calculation unit inputs the facial feature vector both to the non-user GMM and to the user GMM, thus calculating log-likelihood values. A user verification unit compares the calculated log-likelihood values with a predetermined threshold, thus verifying whether the received facial image is a facial image of the user.
KSP 제안 키워드
Calculation unit, Extraction unit, Facial image, Feature Vector, Feature extractioN, Gaussian Mixture, Gaussian mixture Model(GMM), Light mask, Log-likelihood, Log-likelihood value, Mixture model, Value calculation, facial feature extraction, facial features, user verification
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