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등록 CNT를 이용한 삼극형 구조의 초소형 X선관

CNT를 이용한 삼극형 구조의 초소형 X선관
이미지 확대
김대준, 송윤호, 정진우
12743496 (2008.11.13)
20110116603 (2011.05.19)
8300769 (2012.10.30)
A microminiature X-ray tube with a triode structure using a nano emitter is provided, which can increase a field emission region as much as possible by means of nano emitters fine-patterned in a cathode to not only increase an emission current per unit area as much as possible but secure high electrical characteristics, reliability, and structural stability by means of a cover and a bonding material. In addition, gate holes having a macro structure can be formed in the gate to promote electron beam focusing by means of the gate without using a separate focusing electrode and to prevent a leakage current from occurring on the gate. Further, an auxiliary electrode can be formed on a top or an inner surface of a cover applied for structural stability to further promote the electron beam focusing and to control the output amounts per individual X-ray tubes output.
KSP 제안 키워드
Auxiliary electrode, Bonding material, Electron Beam, Electron beam focusing, Focusing electrode, Inner surface, Leakage current, Structural stability, Triode structure, beam focusing, electrical characteristics, emission current, field emission, x-ray, x-ray tube