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등록 광반응성 유기고분자 게이트 절연막 조성물 및 이를 이용한 유기 박막 트랜지스터

광반응성 유기고분자 게이트 절연막 조성물 및 이를 이용한 유기 박막 트랜지스터
이미지 확대
육지호, 김성현, 임상철, 김기현, 김태곤
12182577 (2008.07.30)
20090152537 (2009.06.18)
7741635 (2010.06.22)
Provided are a composition for an organic polymer gate insulating layer and an Organic Thin Film Transistor (OTFT) using the same. The composition includes an insulating organic polymer including at least one selected from the group consisting of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), polyvinylalcohol (PVA), polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP), poly(vinyl phenol) (PVPh) and a copolymer thereof, a crosslinking monomer having two or more double bonds, and a photoinitiator. The OTFT includes a gate insulating layer of a semi-interpenetrating polymer network formed of the composition. The composition for a photoreactive organic polymer gate insulating layer has a photochemical characteristic that enables micropatterning, and can be formed into a layer having excellent chemical resistance, thermal resistance, surface characteristics and electrical characteristics.
KSP 제안 키워드
Chemical resistance, Crosslinking monomer, Organic thin film, Organic thin-film transistors, Polymer network, Semi-interpenetrating, Semi-interpenetrating polymer network(semi-IPN), Surface characteristics, Thin-Film Transistor(TFT), double bonds, electrical characteristics, insulating layer, interpenetrating polymer network, organic polymer, thermal resistance, thin film(TF), vinyl phenol(Poly)