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등록 밀리미터파 대역 제어회로용 스위치 회로

밀리미터파 대역 제어회로용 스위치 회로
이미지 확대
문재경, 김동영, 유현규, 안호균, 김해천, 임종원
12139046 (2008.06.13)
20090146724 (2009.06.11)
7889023 (2011.02.15)
07MB1100, 60GHz Pico cell 통신용 SoP, 유현규
Provided is a switching circuit for a millimeter waveband control circuit. The switching circuit for a millimeter waveband control circuit includes a switching cell disposed on a signal port path to match an interested frequency and including at least one transistor coupled vertically to an input/output transmission line and a plurality of ground via holes disposed symmetrically in an upper portion and a lower portion of the input/output transmission line; capacitors for stabilizing a bias of the switching cell; and bias pads coupled in parallel to the capacitor to control the switching cell. Therefore, the switching circuit may be useful to improve its isolation by simplifying its design and layout through the use of symmetrical structure of optimized switching cells without the separate use of different switch elements, and also to reduce its manufacturing cost through the improved yield of the manufacturing process and the enhanced integration since it is possible to reduce a chip size of an integrated circuit in addition to its low insertion loss.
KSP 제안 키워드
Control Circuit, Design and layout, Ground via, Integrated circuit, Manufacturing processes, Millimeter-wave band, Switching cell, Switching circuit, Symmetrical structure, Transmission line, Via-hole, insertion loss, low insertion loss, manufacturing cost
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