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등록 무선 센서망에서 수동모드 단방향 거리추정 방식에 의한 이동 노드의 위치 추정 방법

무선 센서망에서 수동모드 단방향 거리추정 방식에 의한 이동 노드의 위치 추정 방법
이미지 확대
남윤석, 허재두, 박광로
12866917 (2008.10.10)
20110007650 (2011.01.13)
8543132 (2013.09.24)
07MH2800, 무선홈네트워크 기반 HD급 멀티미디어 시스템 개발, 허재두
The present invention relates to a method of estimating the position of a mobile node in a wireless sensor network using a passive mode OWR method. The method includes: estimating frequency offsets of anchor nodes and a mobile node; allowing the anchor nodes to sequentially transmit ranging frames; allowing the mobile node to receive the ranging frames and to estimate the difference between the reception times of signals from two anchor nodes; and applying the estimated difference between the reception times of the signals to time difference of arrival (TDOA) to estimate the position of the mobile node. According to the above-mentioned structure of the present invention, a plurality of mobile nodes can estimate their positions with a minimum number of ranging frame transmissions, without using a separate network synchronization unit. In addition, it is possible to easily construct a wireless sensor network for position recognition, and rapidly and accurately perform distance estimate using an OWR method.
KSP 제안 키워드
Distance estimate, Mobile node(MN), Sensor networks, Static wireless sensor networks(WSNs), Synchronization Unit, Time Difference of Arrival(TDOA), anchor nodes, difference of arrival, frequency offset, network Synchronization, passive mode, position recognition, time difference, wireless sensor