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등록 시간영역 채널 값의 양자화를 이용한 채널 상태 전달 방법

시간영역 채널 값의 양자화를 이용한 채널 상태 전달 방법
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이승준, Hooman Shirani, Giuseppe Caire, 권동승
12274046 (2008.11.19)
20090185607 (2009.07.23)
8331481 (2012.12.11)
The present invention relates to a channel state transmission method using time domain coefficient quantization. A terminal measures channel information in the time domain and transmits it to a base station. In this instance, a multipath frequency selective fading channel is displayed in a tapped delay line format configured with a per-path path delay value and a path gain in the time domain, differentiates a quantization level for each path gain for more efficient transmission, quantizes the same, and transmits it to a transmitter. Therefore, while the amount of bandwidths required for transmitting state information from the terminal to the base station is reduced, the base station can efficiently acquire channel state information on the entire bandwidths. Also, the base station transmits signals to many terminals through beamforming by using the acquired reliable channel state information, thereby increasing the terminal's signal receiving performance.
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Channel State Information(CSI), Channel state, Coefficient Quantization, Frequency Selective Fading Channels, Frequency selective, Frequency-selective fading, State information, Tapped delay line, base station(BS), channel state feedback, delay line, efficient transmission, fading channel, path delay, path gain, state feedback, time-domain, transmission method