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등록 긴급재난통신망을 위한 분산형 애니캐스트 동적 소스라우팅 기법

긴급재난통신망을 위한 분산형 애니캐스트 동적 소스라우팅 기법
이미지 확대
이남경, 이동준, 이호진, 장대익
12996925 (2008.11.05)
20110164565 (2011.07.07)
8509152 (2013.08.13)
08MR2800, 고속 이동체 인터넷 위성 무선 연동 기술개발, 이호진
A method of routing a wireless network is provided. The method is performed by each of a group of nodes and includes: receiving a routing request signal; determining whether a node itself is a destination node, by referring to a traffic distribution table showing traffic throughput of the group of nodes and an intermediate-node weight table showing weights of intermediate nodes on all paths between the group of nodes and a source node, wherein a route path is selected by referring to the weights of intermediate nodes; and when it is determined that the node itself is the destination node transmitting a routing response signal to the source node that has transmitted the routing request signal, and receiving a packet from the source node, wherein the transmitting and receiving are performed by the determined destination node. By using the method, traffic in wireless network extreme communications can be distributed at intermediate nodes as well as at destination nodes. Therefore, all the networks can be effectively used in extreme circumstances.