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등록 전력 제어 정보 생성 방법 및 상향 링크 전력 제어 방법

전력 제어 정보 생성 방법 및 상향 링크 전력 제어 방법
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김지형, 권동승, 홍인기, 김주협
12989034 (2009.04.21)
20110039597 (2011.02.17)
8498662 (2013.07.30)
In a communication system including a plurality of base stations and a plurality of terminals belonging to each of the base stations, the base station receives information on subcarriers allocated to a terminal that belongs to an adjacent base station from the adjacent base station. Thereafter, the base station generates power control information on the basis of the subcarrier information and transmits the power control information to the terminal, and the terminal controls uplink power on the basis of the received power control information. At this time, the power control information, as information based on estimating hitting between subcarriers used by the terminal that belongs to the base station and subcarriers used by the adjacent base station, may be a ratio found by dividing the total number of subcarriers used by each terminal that belongs to the adjacent base station by the entire number of subcarriers that can be used by the base station.
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Communication system, Power control(PC), Received power, base station(BS)