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등록 통합네트워크에서 단말 시각 동기화 방법 및 장치

통합네트워크에서 단말 시각 동기화 방법 및 장치
이미지 확대
박대근, 이정희, 이승우, 이범철
12575375 (2009.10.07)
20100086091 (2010.04.08)
8397095 (2013.03.12)
08MR2400, 멀티미디어 컨버전스 네트워크 온칩 기술 개발, 이범철
Provided is a method and apparatus for synchronizing a time of day (TOD) in a convergent network, wherein the TOD is received from a time server connected in the convergent network and is provided to a terminal connected in a wired or wireless network, specifically a terminal connected in a heterogeneous network, that requires TOD information. The apparatus includes a time server that provides standard TOD information, a gateway or a host personal computer (PC) that provides the standard TOD information of the time server to the terminal in a 3rd layer or lower instead of an upper layer of the open system interconnection (OSI) 7 layer model, and the terminal that adjusts a local clock according to the provided standard TOD information. According to the method and apparatus, the terminal not only maintains a very precise TOD by obtaining TOD information of the time server periodically or when required, but also obtains the TOD information without using application software for processing the TOD information. Accordingly, power consumption of the terminal is decreased.
KSP 제안 키워드
Application Software, Convergent network, Layer model, Local clock, Open System Interconnection, Open systems, Power Consumption, System interconnection, Time of day, Time server, Wireless network, heterogeneous network(HetNet), personal computer(PC)