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김주희, 김경수
12481456 (2009.06.09)
20090310553 (2009.12.17)
8514792 (2013.08.20)
The present invention relates to a mobile station, a base station, and a method for an uplink service that provides a high-speed data service between the base station and the mobile station in a wireless communication system. A method for providing an uplink service in a mobile station includes, after TCP data are received from a base station, measuring a partial round trip time which is a time until ACK which is a response to the received TCP data is inputted into an uplink transmission MAC buffer, transmitting information on the measured partial round trip time to the base station, receiving resource allocation information—unicast resource allocation information for transmitting the ACK to the base station in the mobile station—from the base station, and transmitting the ACK of the TCP data received from the base station on the basis of the resource allocation information to the base stati
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Communication system, High Speed, Mobile station(MS), Round trip time, Speed Data, Trip time, Wireless communication system, base station(BS), data services(DSs), resource allocation(RA), uplink transmission, wireless communication
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