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등록 차동전압제어발진기의 저기생성분/공통중심구조 교차연결 트랜지스터 구조

차동전압제어발진기의 저기생성분/공통중심구조 교차연결 트랜지스터 구조
이미지 확대
이상국, 김민창, 이인영, 윤석주, 최성훈
12257920 (2008.10.24)
20090108946 (2009.04.30)
7741922 (2010.06.22)
08MB1400, IT SoC 핵심설계인력양성, 손진우
The present invention relates to a switch, a negative resistance cell, and a differential voltage controlled oscillator using the same. The present invention includes a first signal line provided in a first direction, a second signal line provided in parallel with the first signal line, and first to fourth gate electrodes, first to third source electrodes, and first to fourth drain electrodes formed between the first signal line and the second signal line, and provides a switch having electrodes in the order of the first gate electrode, the first drain electrode, the second gate electrode, the first source electrode, the third gate electrode, the second drain electrode, the fourth gate electrode, the second source electrode, the fifth gate electrode, the third drain electrode, the sixth gate electrode, the third source electrode, the seventh gate electrode, the fourth drain electrode, and the eighth gate electrode. According to the present invention, a differential voltage controlled oscillator for RF oscillation operation in the broadband area is realized by minimizing generation of parasitic components.
KSP 제안 키워드
Differential voltage, Drain electrode, Signal line, Voltage controlled oscillator(VCO), gate electrode, negative resistance, parasitic components, voltage controlled