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등록 외부 공진 레이저 광원

외부 공진 레이저 광원
이미지 확대
오수환, 윤기홍, 김기수, 오대곤
12541561 (2009.08.14)
20100238962 (2010.09.23)
8107508 (2012.01.31)
08MB3400, FTTH 고도화 광부품 기술개발, 오대곤
Provided is an external cavity laser light source. The light source includes a substrate, an optical waveguide, and a current blocking layer. The optical waveguide includes a passive waveguide layer, a lower clad layer, an active layer, and an upper clad layer that are sequentially stacked on the substrate and is divided into regions including a linear active waveguide region, a bent active waveguide region, a tapered waveguide region, and a window region. The current blocking layer was formed an outside of the active layer to reduce leakage current. The linear and bent active waveguide regions have a buried heterostructure (BH), and the tapered waveguide region and the window region have a buried ridge stripe (BRS) structure. The passive waveguide layer a width substantially equal to a maximal width of the tapered waveguide region at least in the bent active waveguide region, the tapered waveguide region, and the window region.
KSP 제안 키워드
Active Layer, Active waveguide, Clad layer, Current blocking layer, External cavity, External cavity laser, Laser light, Laser light source, Leakage current, Light source, Optical waveguides, blocking layer, buried heterostructure, tapered waveguide