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이대식, 정문연, 박선희, 송현우, 김민준, 전병구
13390596 (2010.03.05)
20120152002 (2012.06.21)
8991238 (2015.03.31)
The present invention relates to a portable digital reader for urinalysis. The portable digital reader for reading an analysis target chip including a plurality of test areas, comprises: a main body including a light emitting section having light emitting elements for radiating light, an integral optical splitter for uniformly distributing the light from the light emitting section to each test area of the analysis target chip, a light receiving section for receiving light reflected from the each test area so as to convert the same to electric signals, and a measuring section for measuring concentration according to the electric signals obtained from the light receiving section; a main supporting body having the analysis target chip and assembled with the main body; and an auxiliary supporting body assembled between the analysis target chip and the main supporting body, including a groove for assembling the analysis target chip, and assembled with the main supporting body to be exchanged after use. Therefore, it is possible to prevent the reader from being contaminated with superfluous urine by forming a portion contacting a strip chip to be exchangeable and disposing a moisture absorption material to a portion for introducing the strip chip.
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Absorption material, Optical splitter, Supporting body, Urine analysis, light-emitting, moisture absorption