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등록 전용 레퍼런스 시그날을 사용하는 무선 송수신 방식

고영조, 서방원, 안재영
16729494 (2019.12.30)
RE49441 (2023.02.28)
09MR1700, 4세대 이동통신을 위한 적응 무선접속 및 전송 기술개발, 김영진
Provided are a method of transmitting a dedicated reference signal (DRS), a method of receiving a DRS, and a feedback method of a terminal. The method of transmitting a DRS includes determining a DRS transmitting resource for at least one terminal which is a target of transmission, and transmitting the DRS using the determined transmission resource and notifying the terminal of information about layer used by the terminal. The method of receiving a DRS includes determining a DRS receiving resource, receiving information about layer used by a terminal from a serving cell base station, and receiving the DRS for the terminal using the determined reception resource and the information about layer. Accordingly, a terminal can find the position and sequence of its DRS. In particular, in the case of multi-user multiple input multiple output (MU-MIMO) or joint scheduling, it is possible to prevent or remove signal interference using the DRS of another terminal.
KSP 제안 키워드
Feedback method, Multiple input multiple output(MIMO), Multiuser Multiple-Input Multiple-Output(MU-MIMO), One terminal, Reference signal, base station(BS), joint scheduling, multi-user, multiple-input, multiple-output, signal interference
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등록 전용 레퍼런스 시그날을 사용하는 무선 송수신 방식 미국
등록 전용 레퍼런스 시그날을 사용하는 무선 송수신 방식 미국