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등록 와이브로 이동 기지국 환경에서의 서비스 보장을 위한 상향링크 간섭량 전력 제어 방법

와이브로 이동 기지국 환경에서의 서비스 보장을 위한 상향링크 간섭량 전력 제어 방법
이미지 확대
김현재, 장성철, 김성경, 김원익, 윤철식
12965157 (2010.12.10)
20110141933 (2011.06.16)
8559360 (2013.10.15)
A method and apparatus for controlling power for uplink are provided. When a base station is moving or unable to communicate with others, at least one interference amount is estimated for a neighboring base station based on a path gain between a terminal and the neighboring base station and a transmission power of each encoding packet size and transmission format included in a candidate group related to scheduling transmission power parameters. A target interference amount is determined based on an interference amount control value and an initial target interference amount according to a processing load of a serving base station, and one interference amount is selected from estimated interference amounts based on the target interference amount. The terminal determines the transmission power based on an encoding packet size and a transmission format corresponding to the selected interference amount.
KSP 제안 키워드
An encoding, Packet size, Power parameters, Processing load, Serving Base Station(SBS), base station(BS), path gain, transmission power