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등록 근육 및 외형 곡면 기반 개체 표준 메쉬 모델의 파라메트릭 제어를 통한 자동 리깅 및 형상 전이 방법

근육 및 외형 곡면 기반 개체 표준 메쉬 모델의 파라메트릭 제어를 통한 자동 리깅 및 형상 전이 방법
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12970008 (2010.12.16)
20110148865 (2011.06.23)
8610710 (2013.12.17)
09MS3500, 방통융합형 Full 3D 복원 기술 개발(표준화연계), 구본기
Provided is a method for automatic rigging and shape surface transfer of a 3-D standard mesh model based on muscles and Nurbs by using parametric control. In some embodiments, the method includes: extracting a joint-skeleton structure from scan data of dynamic objects having a skeleton structure, or input 3-D mesh models, generating a muscle and an appearance surface based on anatomy information, and generating a standard mesh model that approximates the appearance of the dynamic objects by using the joint-skeleton structure and the generated muscle and appearance surface; and performing the shape surface transfer of the standard mesh model by comparing multi-view image information of the dynamic objects with projection image information of the standard mesh model.
KSP 제안 키워드
Encoding method, High Speed, Image information, LDPC encoding, MESH model, Multi-view, Skeleton structure, Surface based, Surface transfer, Three dimensional(3D), dynamic object, model-based, multi-view images, parametric control