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등록 수신신호기반 최적의 인접셀 동적 선택 방법및 그 장치

수신신호기반 최적의 인접셀 동적 선택 방법및 그 장치
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최성구, 신재승, 신연승, 박순기, 김창기, 김영진
12837858 (2010.07.16)
20110142008 (2011.06.16)
8520639 (2013.08.27)
09MR1800, 차세대 이동통신 서비스 플랫폼 개발, 김영진
An apparatus for performing handover in an advanced mobile communication system which provides traffic service to a mobile terminal in a multiple cell environment, the apparatus includes: a handover control unit for recognizing cell determination parameters based on terminal status information collected from the mobile terminal and/or information on traffic provided to the mobile terminal; a handover determination unit for assigning predetermined weights to each of the cell determination parameters when handover is required; a cell selection control unit for determining importance of each of the cell determination parameters based on the assigned weights and generating cell selection information for selecting a candidate cell for handover, which is the most optimal for the cell determination parameters in the order of the importance, among cells adjacent to a serving cell to which the mobile terminal belongs; and a handover execution unit for executing the handover based on the cell selection information.
KSP 제안 키워드
Cell selection, Communication system, Control Unit, Handover Control, Status information, Traffic service, mobile communication, mobile communication system, mobile terminal