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등록 DC 오프셋 제거 회로

DC 오프셋 제거 회로
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유현규, 박정우, 이영재, 김성도, 민병훈, 이상국, 이상성
12950193 (2010.11.19)
20110121880 (2011.05.26)
8222944 (2012.07.17)
09MB2200, 차세대 무선 융합 단말용 Advanced Digital RF 기술 개발, 유현규
A DC offset cancellation circuit includes: a control signal generation unit generating i (i is a natural number) number of pulse signals having a pulse width corresponding to a DC offset amount; a current source supplying i number of currents each having a different current ratio; a switching unit determining a current quantity to be supplied to a feedback capacitor by adjusting a turn-on quantity of each of the i number of currents according to the pulse width of each of the i number of pulse signals; and an electric charge quantity regulation unit charging DC offset electric charges corresponding to current supplied from the switching unit through the feedback capacitor and transferring the DC offset electric charges charged in the feedback capacitor to a sampling capacitor through a rotary capacitor, to allow the sampling capacitor to primarily store the DC offset electric charges and then secondarily store electric charges corresponding to an input signal.
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Charge quantity, Control Signal, Current ratio, Current source, DC-offset, Dc offset cancellation(DOC), Electric charge, Electric charge quantity, Generation unit, Input signal, Number of pulse, Signal generation, Turn-on, control signal generation, offset cancellation, pulse signal, pulse width