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등록 3차원 도시 모델링 장치 및 방법

3차원 도시 모델링 장치 및 방법
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12971162 (2010.12.17)
20110148866 (2011.06.23)
8963943 (2015.02.24)
09MS3500, 방통융합형 Full 3D 복원 기술 개발(표준화연계), 구본기
Disclosed herein is a 3D urban modeling apparatus and method. The 3D urban modeling apparatus includes a calibration unit for calibrating data about a translation and a rotation of at least one capturing device at a time that input aerial images and terrestrial images were captured. A building model generation unit generates at least one 3D building model based on the aerial images and the terrestrial images to which results of the calibration have been applied. A terrain model generation unit generates a 3D terrain model by converting an input digital elevation model into a 3D mesh. A texture extraction unit extracts textures related to the building model and the terrain model from the aerial images and the terrestrial images. A model matching unit generates a 3D urban model by matching the building model with the terrain model, which are based on the textures, with each other.
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3D Mesh, 3D Terrain, 3D building model, 3D buildings, 3D terrain model, Aerial images, Digital Elevation Model, Elevation model, Extraction unit, Generation unit, Model Matching, Model generation, Terrain model, Terrestrial images, Texture extraction, Three dimensional(3D), Urban model, Urban modeling, building model, model-based
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