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등록 무선 애드혹 네트워크를 위한 혼합 가상 다중화 전송 방법 및 장치

무선 애드혹 네트워크를 위한 혼합 가상 다중화 전송 방법 및 장치
이미지 확대
정운철, 한동혁, 김준형, 정종문, 채종석, 주성순
12949377 (2010.11.18)
20110142159 (2011.06.16)
8565201 (2013.10.22)
09IC2100, QoS 및 확장성지원(S-MoRe) 센서네트워크 고도화 기술개발 (표준화연계), 채종석
A hybrid virtual multiple-input multiple-output (V-MIMO) transmission method of a management node in a wireless ad-hoc network in which a transmission path from a source node to a destination node is divided into one or more sections is provided. The hybrid V-MIMO transmission method includes obtaining one or more pieces of node information of one or more nodes by transmitting an information request message to the nodes in response to a transmission request message for data transmission from the source node to the destination node; setting a shortest path (SP) from the source node to the destination node based on the obtained node information; determining transmission schemes individually for nodes present on the SP; issuing a transmission preparation request by transmitting the determined transmission schemes to the respective corresponding nodes; and transmitting a transmission start message to the source node in response to transmission ready responses from the respective nodes.
KSP 제안 키워드
Ad Hoc Networks, Ad hoc, Data transmission, Hoc network, MIMO transmission, Multiple input multiple output(MIMO), Node based, Transmission path, Virtual MIMO, Wireless ad-hoc network, multiple-input, multiple-output, shortest path, transmission method