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등록 중계 전송을 이용한 무선LAN 서비스 영역 확대 방법

중계 전송을 이용한 무선LAN 서비스 영역 확대 방법
이미지 확대
유희정, 이일구, 이석규, 강헌식
13351205 (2012.01.16)
20120182926 (2012.07.19)
9226323 (2015.12.29)
10MI5400, 모바일 단말용 무선랜 베이스밴드 기술 개발, 이석규
A method and apparatus for transmitting a relay frame in a relay end are provided. The method includes: receiving a relay request frame requesting data transmission to a receive end from a transmit end; transmitting a relay response frame including information on data to be relayed to each of the transmit end and the receive end; receiving the data from the transmit end; and generating a relay frame including the data to transmit the relay frame to the receive end. According to the present invention, the data is transmitted to the receive end positioned outside a transmission coverage of the transmit end, such that a wireless LAN service coverage may be expanded, and an adjacent terminal connected to the receive end is used as the relay end, such that the transmit end that may not be connected directly to the receive end may communicate with the receive end.
KSP 제안 키워드
Communication system, Data transmission, Wireless Local Area Networks(WLANs), Wireless communication system, wireless communication
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