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등록 다수의 주파수 공유장치간 상호공존을 위한 상호공존 관리 시스템의 프로시져 및 메시지

다수의 주파수 공유장치간 상호공존을 위한 상호공존 관리 시스템의 프로시져 및 메시지
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강현덕, 이동훈, 정병장
13339712 (2011.12.29)
20120195269 (2012.08.02)
8755275 (2014.06.17)
11PR3300, 10GHz 이하 대역에서 Dynamic Spectrum Access를 위한 상호 공존성(Coexistence) 기준 연구, 정병장
A system for managing resources in a communication system including systems, which do not have a permission for a first frequency band, includes coexistence managers configured to, when a frequency band available for the systems is searched from the first frequency band, manage the systems for coexistence and frequency sharing of the systems in the available frequency band; a coexistence enabler configured to transmit and receive information of the systems and information of the coexistence managers; and a coexistence discovery and information server configured to support control of the coexistence managers over the systems, wherein predetermined messages are transmitted and received among the coexistence discovery and information server, the coexistence managers and the coexistence enabler to perform a registration procedure, a coexistence information gathering procedure, a coexistence decision making procedure, a reconfiguration procedure, a management procedure and an event procedure, for the coexistence and frequency sharing of the systems.
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Communication system, Frequency sharing, Information Gathering, decision making, frequency band
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