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등록 음장변화 패턴 감지 방식의 보안 감시시스템 및 그 방법

음장변화 패턴 감지 방식의 보안 감시시스템 및 그 방법
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박강호, 이성규, 양우석, 김종대
13601883 (2012.08.31)
20130162821 (2013.06.27)
9197976 (2015.11.24)
11MB2100, 스마트and그린 빌딩용 자가충전 지능형 센서노드 플랫폼 핵심기술 개발, 김종대
The present disclosure relates to security system and method based on sound field variation pattern. The present disclosure identifies a slow variation pattern of a acoustic transfer function occurring due to a gradual change in temperature and humidity of air according to a change in time and a change in a characteristic of an acoustic element, from a sudden sound field variation pattern within an internal space occurring due to an intrusion from an outside, activation of an air conditioning and heating device, and the like, or within a surveillance space induced by a change in an acoustic physical property. The present disclosure identifies sound field variation patterns occurring due to a change in an acoustic structure by an intrusion and a change in temperature and convection by air conditioning and heating. The present disclosure stores and verifies image information using an image obtaining apparatus.
KSP 제안 키워드
Acoustic Transfer Function, Acoustic transfer, Air conditioning, Change in time, Image information, Physical Properties, Sound field, heating device, pattern analysis, security system, slow variation, temperature and humidity, transfer function(DTF)
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