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등록 사용자 간 위치 정보를 공유하기 위한 휴대용 단말기 및 방법

사용자 간 위치 정보를 공유하기 위한 휴대용 단말기 및 방법
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권승준, 최원근, 임영재, 박지상, 신성웅, 김주완
13838181 (2013.03.15)
20130288716 (2013.10.31)
9094799 (2015.07.28)
11KC1100, HTML5기반 2D GIS Web 앱엔진 개발, 박지상
The present invention relates to a mobile terminal and method for sharing location information between users. The mobile terminal includes a user input unit for receiving destination information of a first user from the first user. A location information input unit receives origin information of the first user from a Global Positioning System (GPS) or a Near-Field Communication (NFC) payment module of public transportation which the first user gets on. A communication unit transmits the origin information and the destination information of the first user to a public transportation information system, and receives movement route information of the first user from the public transportation information system. A location estimation unit estimates a current location of the first user using time required by the first user corresponding to the movement route information.
KSP 제안 키워드
Global Positioning, Global positioning system (gps), Information systems(IS), Location Estimation, Location information(GPS), Near Field Communication(NFC), Public Transportation, Route information, User input, global positioning system(GPS), mobile terminal, near-field, positioning system
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