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등록 차량용 운전자 맞춤형 서비스 제공 방법 및 장치

차량용 운전자 맞춤형 서비스 제공 방법 및 장치
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이신경, 권오천, 이정우, 윤두섭, 오현서
13844989 (2013.03.17)
20130289798 (2013.10.31)
9183176 (2015.11.10)
11MI2700, 차량-IT 공통 컴포넌트 및 Repository 기술 개발, 이병윤
The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for providing a driver-customized service. The present invention is configured to collect bio-signal information of a driver from a first sensor, collect current health condition information of the driver based on data stored in a health information DB, collect environmental condition information of an interior of a vehicle from a second sensor, collect environmental condition information of an exterior of the vehicle from a third sensor, generate a driving index based on the pieces of information collected from the first to third sensors and the health information DB, and perform a vehicle control operation corresponding to the driving index. Accordingly, the present invention not only enables the accident risk of drivers to be decreased, but also allows the drivers to drive their vehicles, which were considered to be only transportation means, in a safer and more comfortable environment.
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Accident risk, Condition information, Control operation, Health Information, Health condition, Vehicle control, bio-signal, customized service, environmental conditions
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