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등록 사용자 인터페이스 확장 시스템 및 방법 그리고 이를 수록한 저장 매체

사용자 인터페이스 확장 시스템 및 방법 그리고 이를 수록한 저장 매체
이미지 확대
박주영, 김도영, 장인선
13802341 (2013.03.13)
20130246662 (2013.09.19)
8909826 (2014.12.09)
11PI2600, 다자간 협업을 위한 몰입형 스마트워크 핵심기술 개발, 이순석
Disclosed are a system and a method for extending a user interface. A system for extending a user interface according to the present invention includes a master configured to generate or manage a session between devices in order to extend the user interface to a peripheral device of a user that includes a user terminal; and an input/output (I/O) device including the user terminal configured to receive a command for controlling a device that is included in the session generated or managed by the master, or to output or execute the command for controlling the device that is transferred through the session. According to the present invention, users of a smart terminal having a limited input/output interface may extend a user interface using widely used information and communication technology (ICT) peripheral devices (a monitor, a printer, a keyboard, a mouse, and the like).
KSP 제안 키워드
Information and communication, Information and communication technology(ICT), Peripheral devices, Smart terminal, Storage medium, Used information, User interface, communication technologies