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김희욱, 구본준, 안도섭, 강군석
14399903 (2012.12.10)
20150146631 (2015.05.28)
9538554 (2017.01.03)
12PR4500, 지상 이동통신을 위한 2.1GHz 위성 주파수 대역 최적 활용기술 개발, 구본준
A random access method in a mobile communication system, the random access method for supporting random access with a cell size of about 100 kilometers (km) or more and a power limited terminal, and a preamble structure thereof are provided. While a conventional long term evolution (LTE) random access preamble sequence is reused, a difference in a round-trip delay time between terminals in a large cell area may be compensated. Additionally, since higher power transmission is achieved per bandwidth, a higher link margin may be secured. Also, compatibility with resource scheduling of the conventional LTE may be maintained. Random access may be supported in a large cell, and a preamble structure of a satellite mobile communication may be implemented based on terrestrial LTE.
KSP 제안 키워드
Access method, Cell Size, Cell area, Channel structure, Communication system, Delay Time, Link Margin, Long term Evolution(LTE), Mobile communication systems, Preamble Sequence, Random Access, Random access channel(RACH), Random access preamble, cell radius, mobile communication, power Transmission, resource scheduling, round-trip, satellite mobile communication
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