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등록 최대 전력 추출 장치

최대 전력 추출 장치
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13903014 (2013.05.28)
20140176108 (2014.06.26)
9000737 (2015.04.07)
12MB1900, 자가충전 전원모듈 기반 EPMIC, 권종기
Provided is a maximum power extraction devices including: a battery; a voltage control unit adjusting a size of a first power outputted from the battery according to a resistor selected from a plurality of resistors, and generating a compare signal according to a size difference between an operating voltage adjusting the size of the first power depending on the selected resistor and a reference voltage; a switching unit connected between the battery and a load and adjusting a size of the operating voltage according to a size difference of the compare signal in response to first and second switching control signals; a switching control unit generating the first and second switching control signals to allow a size between the operating voltage according to the compare signal and the reference voltage to be within an error range; and a maximum power control unit measuring the number of first operations obtained by counting the occurrence number of the first or second switching control signals for a predetermined time, when the compare signal is within the error range.
KSP 제안 키워드
Control Signal, Control Unit, Error range, Extraction device, Maximum power control, Power control(PC), Power control unit(PCU), Size difference, Switching Control, Voltage control, maximum power, maximum power extraction, operating voltage, reference voltage
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