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등록 셀간 동적 간섭 조정 방법 및 장치

셀간 동적 간섭 조정 방법 및 장치
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조윤희, 이승환, 서석, 송재수
14090756 (2013.11.26)
20140295866 (2014.10.02)
9100148 (2015.08.04)
12PI1200, 스마트 모바일 서비스의 체감 품질 향상을 위한 무선 전송 원천기술 연구, 이승환
A dynamic resource allocating apparatus of a first base station that manages a first cell in a cellular communication system including the first cell and a plurality of cells adjacent to the first cell determines time resource division vector in which one time resource division period is formed of a plurality of time division intervals and calculates time resource division vector for maximizing utilities of user terminals in a set up objective function to update the time resource division vector. Among the plurality of time division intervals, a first time division interval is operated by a time resource reuse coefficient 1 for user terminals positioned in center regions of a first cell and a plurality of adjacent cells, and the remaining time division intervals excluding the first time division interval are operated by a time resource reuse coefficient n for user terminals positioned at edges of the first cell and the plurality of adjacent cells.
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Cellular Communication(GSM), Cellular communication system, Communication system, Dynamic resource, Resource allocating, Resource reuse, Set up, User terminals, base station(BS), objective function, remaining time, time division
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