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등록 전기차 에너지 관리 장치 및 방법

전기차 에너지 관리 장치 및 방법
이미지 확대
김기석, 강현우, 안성호, 이수인, 최은창
13940908 (2013.07.12)
20140203775 (2014.07.24)
9156366 (2015.10.13)
12ZH1100, 산업계 기술지원사업, 김영선
A system and method for managing energy of an electric vehicle are provided to calculate a necessary amount of energy based on battery characteristics and a user's schedule, and control charging and discharging of the electric vehicle using power information provided by a smart grid. The system includes a cloud server configured to collect a schedule from a user and store and generate the user's schedule information, an energy management device configured to calculate necessary energy based on the received schedule information of the user, set charging information based on power network state information received from a power supplier and the calculated necessary energy, generate a charging request signal based on the set charging information, and store electric energy, and a charging unit configured to transfer the electric energy to the energy management device based on the received charging request signal.
KSP 제안 키워드
Battery characteristics, Cloud server, Electric energy, Energy based, Network state, Power Network, Power supplier, Smart grids, State information, charging and discharging, electric vehicle(EV), energy management, network state information, signal based