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등록 3D 프린팅에 적합한 자동 3D 개인 피규어 생성 방법 및 장치

3D 프린팅에 적합한 자동 3D 개인 피규어 생성 방법 및 장치
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임성재, 전혜령, 김갑기, 윤승욱, 황본우, 최진성, 구본기
14637344 (2015.03.03)
20150254502 (2015.09.10)
9846804 (2017.12.19)
13VT1700, 방통융합형 Full 3D 복원 기술 개발(표준화연계), 구본기
Disclosed herein is an apparatus and method for automatically creating a 3D personalized figure suitable for 3D printing by detecting a face area and features for respective regions from face data acquired by heterogeneous sensors and by optimizing global/local transformation. The 3D personalized figure creation apparatus acquires face data of a user corresponding to a reconstruction target; extracts feature points for respective regions from the face data, and reconstructs unique 3D models of the user's face, based on the extracted feature points; creates 3D figure models based on the unique 3D models and previously stored facial expression models and body/adornment models; and verifies whether each 3D figure model has a structure and a shape corresponding to actual 3D printing, corrects and edits the 3D figure model based on results of verification, and outputs a 3D figure model corresponding to 3D printing.
KSP 제안 키워드
3D printing, 3d model, Heterogeneous sensors, Three dimensional(3D), facial expression, feature points, local transformation, model-based
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