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등록 실내 공간에서 측위 환경을 분석하여 단말기의 위치 결정 성능을 예측하는 방법 및 이를 위한 장치 및 시스템

실내 공간에서 측위 환경을 분석하여 단말기의 위치 결정 성능을 예측하는 방법 및 이를 위한 장치 및 시스템
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김주영, 이승용, 조영수, 지명인, 박상준, 신성웅
15072240 (2016.03.16)
20160337804 (2016.11.17)
9699614 (2017.07.04)
Disclosed herein are a positioning environment analysis apparatus, and a method and system for predicting location determination performance of a terminal. The presented system includes one or more collection devices for acquiring collected data that includes information about positioning resources for respective points, an LBS platform including a collection server for receiving the collected data from the one or more collection devices, and arranging and storing the collected data in a DB, and a positioning DB creation device for analyzing and processing the positioning resource information and creating a positioning DB to be used for location determination, and a positioning environment analysis apparatus for loading environment analysis data from one or more of the collection server, the positioning DB, and a user terminal, and evaluating and predicting, based on the environment analysis data, location determination performance values for respective points in a service area, for respective positioning resources.
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