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등록 집단 지능 기반의 악의적 기기 탐지 방법

집단 지능 기반의 악의적 기기 탐지 방법
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문용혁, 김대원, 한진희, 윤승용, 김영세, 임재덕, 김정녀, 전용성
15920114 (2018.03.13)
20180343275 (2018.11.29)
10798115 (2020.10.06)
16MH4600, (IoT 운영체제-총괄) 스마트 경량 IoT 기기용 운영체제 보안 핵심 기술 개발, 김정녀
Disclosed herein are an apparatus and method for detecting a malicious device based on swarm intelligence. The method includes detecting a malicious device by causing at least one exploration ant to access a device swarm along movement routes in which pheromone trail values are taken into consideration, wherein the exploration ant is generated in response to a detection request received from a security management server, when the at least one exploration ant detects a suspicious device that is suspected to be a malicious device, causing the exploration ant to return along the movement routes in reverse order, and returning pheromone trail values generated by devices on the return movement routes to a malicious device detection apparatus, and identifying whether the suspicious device is the malicious device by calculating an optimal solution based on a local information set generated by aggregating the pheromone trail values returned for movement routes.
KSP 제안 키워드
Device Detection, Local information, Management server, Optimal Solution, Security Management, Swarm intelligence, information set
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