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등록 CTI 모드의 fec_block_start

CTI 모드의 fec_block_start
이미지 확대
권선형, 박성익, 임보미, 이재영, 김흥묵, 허남호
16328453 (2017.09.08)
20200259587 (2020.08.13)
10924208 (2021.02.16)
16MR2400, (통합)융합형 실감방송 서비스 및 전송 기술 개발, 허남호
An apparatus and method for generating a broadcast signal frame corresponding to a time interleaver supporting a plurality of operation modes are disclosed. An apparatus for generating broadcast signal frame according to an embodiment of the present invention includes a combiner configured to generate a multiplexed signal by combining a core layer signal and an enhanced layer signal; a power normalizer configured to reduce the power of the multiplexed signal to a power level corresponding to the core layer signal; a time interleaver configured to generate a time-interleaved signal by performing interleaving that is applied to both the core layer signal and the enhanced layer signal; and a frame builder configured to generate a broadcast signal frame including a preamble for signaling time interleaver information corresponding to the time interleaver, the preamble includes a field indicating a start position of a first complete FEC block corresponding to each of physical layer pipes.
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등록 첫 번째 완전한 FEC 블록의 시작 위치를 나타내는 프리앰블을 포함하는 방송 신호 프레임 생성 장치 및 방송 신호 프레임 생성 방법 대한민국 KIPRIS
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등록 CTI 모드의 fec_block_start 미국
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