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16PB7600, 외부충전없이 반영구적으로 사용이 가능한 10mWh/cm2급 동위원소기반 전고상(全固相) 하이브리드 전지 원천, 최병건
The exemplary embodiments of the present invention provide a quantum random number generation apparatus according to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention including: a space-division semiconductor detector including a plurality of cells, each individually absorbing a plurality of emission particles emitted from a radioactive isotope; and a signal processor that generates a random number based on an absorption event at which the plurality of emission particles are absorbed into the plurality of cells, and thus new type of random number conversion method that combines a spatial randomness and existing temporal randomness of the emission particle can be provided, there is no restriction generated due to the dead time, the random number generation rate can be remarkably increased, and it is possible to generate of a pure random number at high speed, which is required by a computer, a network processor, or an IoT device.
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Conversion method, High Speed, IoT Devices, Quantum random number, Radioactive isotope, Random Number, Random Number Generation, Signal processor, dead time, generation rate, network processor, new type, number conversion, semiconductor detectors
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