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등록 표면 플라즈몬 공명 이미징을 위한 광학적 미분조사 방법 및 수단

표면 플라즈몬 공명 이미징을 위한 광학적 미분조사 방법 및 수단
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16506910 (2019.07.09)
20200011790 (2020.01.09)
10921249 (2021.02.16)
17HS2200, 고품질 생체정보 획득 분석을 위한 단층 이미징 및 인식 센서 기술 연구, 채병규
According to the present invention, an optical differential interrogation method for surface plasmon resonance imaging including: letting first incident light of a first wavelength and second incident light of a second wavelength to be incident on a sample while varying an incident angle; detecting intensity of first reflection light of the first incident light and intensity of second reflection light of the second incident light; and identifying the sample by using a difference between the intensity of the first reflection light and the intensity of the second reflection light, can be provided, and thus it is possible to obtain much better angular resolution while using a detector or a camera, which has a relative low receiving sensitivity and a sensor chip where samples having various characteristics are two-dimensionally arrayed and integrated can be effectively measured.
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Incident angle, Plasmon resonance, Receiving sensitivity, Sensor chip, Surface Plasmon resonance, Surface plasmon(SP), angular resolution, resonance imaging, surface plasmon resonance imaging
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등록 표면 플라즈몬 공명 이미징을 위한 광학적 미분조사 방법 및 장치 대한민국 KIPRIS