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임을균, 김태이, 김창범, 정재찬, 최승민, 홍효봉
17318753 (2021.05.12)
20210405134 (2021.12.30)
11480634 (2022.10.25)
19HS1200, 차세대 의료영상 이미징 시스템 개발, 홍효봉
Disclosed herein is a nano-magnetic-particle-imaging apparatus, including a measurement head including excitation and detection coils and accommodating a sample bed for a sample including nano magnetic particles; a gradient magnetic field generation unit for generating a magnetic field having a strength equal to or greater than that of the saturation magnetic field of the nano magnetic particles in a spacing area between identical magnetic poles facing each other and forming a field-free region in a portion thereof; a first driving unit for linearly moving the sample bed; a second driving unit for rotating the gradient magnetic field generation unit in a plane; a third driving unit for linearly reciprocating the gradient magnetic field generation unit; and a control unit for applying a signal to the excitation coil, controlling the driving units, and imaging 3D distribution of the nano magnetic particles based on a detection signal output from the detection coil.
KSP 제안 키워드
Control Unit, Excitation coil, Free region, Generation unit, Gradient magnetic field, Magnetic field(MF), Measurement head, Particle imaging, detection signal, magnetic particle imaging, magnetic particles, saturation magnetic field
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